Family Giving Tree's Virtual Holiday Wish Drive

Grant a wish, give a smile

Every year the holidays bring smiles, but only to some. Thousands of Bay Area residents don’t get to experience the joy of the season because they cannot afford it. Family Giving Tree (FGT) believes everyone should have a chance to receive regardless of their financial situation. For 30 years, FGT has been standing in the gap granting specific holiday wishes to children, seniors, and adults experiencing homelessness.

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This year, although impacted by the coronavirus, FGT will continue with this annual effort as it seeks to deliver holiday cheer in the form of 40,000 wished-for gifts.

Please join us in bringing smiles to the faces of those who need it most and into those neighborhoods hardest hit by the pandemic. Through the 2020 Holiday Wish Drive, you can make an impact in your Bay Area backyard, in your own community.

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