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Brad Pitt Talks His Oscar "Strategy"

The "Moneyball" star told "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart all about his rather political plan to snag an Oscar



    Brad Pitt Talks His Oscar "Strategy"

    Oscar-nominated actor Brad Pitt made an appearance on the "Daily Show" last night, and during his interview with Jon Stewart he revealed his strategy for snagging a golden statue.

    And it may involve negative campaigning.

    "Why don't they go negative on other movies? The Oscar race is always 'For Your Consideration -- Moneyball,'" offered Stewart. "But why not like, 'The Artist -- Go F*** Yourself!'"

    Pitt laughed, but gave the idea some consideration.

    "I thought about it," said Pitt. "Clooney took Iowa, New Hampshire. Jean took South Carolina. Florida will probably go to Oldman. I'm gonna be hanging out with Ron Paul so I gotta get in there and mix it up a bit I think."

    Pitt then offered his own Oscar revamp.

    "You know what I think they should do? I think we should just put a trophy on the table and like one of those card contests, and we should all just put our hands on it and see who can hold it the longest," joked Pitt. 

    Pitt is nominated for Best Actor for his role as Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A's who instituted a revolutionary math-based system for selecting players (co-star Jonah Hill snagged a Best Supporting Actor nod as well)."Moneyball" is also up for Best Picture, and will compete against "Tree of Life," in which Pitt also stars.