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Hoda Kotb Renames Her Dog After Blake Shelton When Country Star Phones In to "Today"



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    Hoda Kotb holds her new dog Blake on "Today"

    Apparently, Blake Shelton has a way with Hoda Kotb's heart.

    After the "Today" show host promised fans she would reveal the name of her adorable rescue Cockapoo pup Thursday (she adopted the dog from PAWS Chicago on Wednesday's show), the 48-year-old television personality had a change of heart after receiving a surprise call from her celebrity crush.

    Hoda's niece Hannah originally suggested the names Blake, Ninja, Boom Boom and Charlie, but the TV star nixed Blake and settled on the name Charlie due to her dangerous obsession with the country star.

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    That is, until Mr. Shelton gave Kotb a ring this morning.

    "You didn't name your dog after me?" Blake quipped via phone on Thursday as Hoda's mouth drops in astonishment.

    "Wait a second, it's only been named for 30 seconds, you can unring the bell," she insisted before inquiring, "Is Miranda [Lambert] OK with me naming the dog Blake?"

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    "Let's pretend like I asked her and she said yes," he replied.

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    "OK, now that we have the kiss from Blake Shelton and Miranda, we are going to officially name the dog Blake," the Shelton-lover said before admitting she "wanted that name" but people felt she was becoming a bit "stalkerish."

    "Well I'm perfectly comfortable with that," Blake insisted. "I love you Hoda."

    "I love you too," she gushed.

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