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Dungeons & Dragons Dec 13

New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Video Game Based on R.A. Salvatore Characters Coming in 2020

A new video game based on “Dungeons and Dragons” is coming to computers and consoles in the fall of next year. Wizards of the Coast, the Hasbro-owned company behind the popular 45-year-old tabletop game, and video game company Tuque have partnered to create “Dark Alliance,” a third-person action role-playing game. “Once you roll initiative, that’s when our game begins,” said

  • Nov 26

    Here’s What Restaurants Are Offering Black Friday Deals

    When most people think of Black Friday deals, they picture discounts on electronics, toys or clothing. But restaurant chains also offer their own deals. Here’s where to find deals on restaurant gift cards and discounted food and drinks on Black Friday.

  • Nov 25

    Tips on How to Deep Fry a Turkey Safely

    If you plan on deep-frying your turkey this holiday season, here are some safety tips from the U.S. Fire Administration to help protect yourself, your guests and your home from a dangerous fire this Thanksgiving.

  • Nov 25

    Stop! Washing Your Thanksgiving Turkey Could Spread Germs

    Go ahead and rinse your cranberries, potatoes and green beans. But food say experts say don’t — repeat don’t — wash the turkey before popping it in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. They say that could spread the germs lurking on your turkey in the kitchen sink or nearby food. But it’s been a challenge trying to convince cooks to

  • Nov 22

    Remaining Optimistic Through the Holidays

    Dr. Deepika Chopra uses a deck of optimism cards to help you feel better about some common holiday problems.

  • Nov 20

    Vera Wang Surprises Military Brides With Their Dream Dresses on TODAY

    Iconic bridal designer Vera Wang honored a group of military brides by designing custom, couture wedding gowns for their special day — and some of the brides-to-be just revealed their dresses live on TODAY before getting a surprise from the online wedding planning and registering company Zola.

  • Nov 15

    Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

    Sweetkick Co-Founder Harley Pasternak shares his tips on how to take a healthier approach to Thanksgiving.

  • Nov 14

    Twinkies Cereal Is Now in the Works

    Hostess fans can rejoice that another one of their favorite snacks will be transformed into a bite-sized cereal version. Post Holdings and Hostess Brands announced Wednesday that Twinkies Cereal will debut in grocery stores in late December. When asked what inspired the concept of a cereal version of Twinkies, Meredith Suffron, senior director of brand management at Post, told CNBC,

  • Nov 6

    Aldi’s Popular Advent Calendars Are Returning to Stores Nov. 6

    The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and Aldi is set to release some new Advent calendars that will keep food and drinks lovers filled with cheer for the next month. After selling out in a flash last year, Aldi’s wine and cheese calendars are back. This year, the grocery chain is adding another adult-friendly treat: a beer-themed Advent

  • Nov 5

    Fall Cocktail Recipe: ‘I Won’t Bite’

    Learn how to make the “I Won’t Bite,” a spicy fall cocktail with a mezcal base and notes of pomegranate.

  • Oct 31

    Top Halloween Trends of 2019

    From Fortnite costumes to dressed up doggies, NBC’s Liz McLaughlin goes over the top trends this Halloween that have consumers spending big bucks.

  • Oct 30

    Going Somewhere? Some Places Offer Trips to the Unknown

    When Dena Espenscheid answered an advertisement on social media offering a weekend vacation to an unknown destination, her sister warned her she was going to get kidnapped. As it turns out, not only was the offer legit, Espenscheid said she “had a blast.” The West Virginia Division of Tourism arranged the free trip earlier this month to promote the state

  • Oct 30

    How Americans Spend Halloween, From Passing Out Candy to Dressing Up the Dog

    The good news for kids this Halloween: They’ll likely come home with a bigger pile of candy than of healthy snacks while out trick-or-treating. Americans have a wide variety of plans to celebrate the spooky holiday this year, from carving pumpkins to watching scary movies. Some even plan to make their dogs and cats suffer the fate of being forced

  • Oct 29

    Teal Pumpkin Project Encourages Safe Trick-Or-Treating

    Taking part can help kids with food allergies can join in the Halloween fun. NBC’s Sarah Dallof reports.

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