1/1: Sunrises & Soul

Antara Foto/NBC News

From 6a to noon today, get over to 222 Hyde for some eclectic dancin' in the morning. Or soul searching. Or resoluting. Or whatever tickles you on the first day of 2011.

We're unclear as to the scope of the event, but anyone willing to START a party at 6am? Worthy.

It's called No Way Back and, again, worthy.


In an effort to keep the dream alive -- and the soul a'pumping -- Saturday Night Soul party has a new dress code. And it's starting tonight.

From their website: "Soul Notice!!! Dress Code!!! $$$ Code!!!
Howdy all. In an effort to up the Soul Party a notch, and maybe make the dance floor not quite so crowded, we are initiating a new door price and dress code.

-Suits, ties, dresses, groovy gear or fancy duds gets you in for the customary $5.00.
-Plain ol' "dudeI'm gonna rage" wear, t-shirts, so on and so forth equals $10.00.

So it's official: the Saturday Night Soul Party is semi-formal attire
highly recommended."

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