8/2: Celebrating an Ancient Art

The Didjeridu Summit and Josh Kornbluth

Miss Mundo 2015 (91)
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The Didgeridoo may be the world's oldest instrument. It also may be one of the more difficult ones to get a sound out of. The Aboriginal tribes of Australia having been using the instrument in ceremonies for generations and tonight that art will be on display at the Didjeridu Summit at Yoshi's San Francisco at 8 p.m.

Most people may only know Josh Kornbluth from his quirky show on KQED but long before he was confusing people on air, Kornbluth was making people laugh and think at the same time. The creator of "Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?" will host a cafe chat at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco today at noon. Admission is free and there will be plenty of delicious food to go along with the conversation.


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