Felt and Suede Bird Pillow

Plus, awesome etched glass and more

HOT PINK: Neutral is fine, but punching up a room with a flashy accessory like this felt and suede bird pillow ($75) is a great way to spice things up. Local designer Bonjour Teaspoon also makes a brown and green version.

BADASS BARBIE: This isn't your average Barbie exhibition. At the 7th Annual Altered Barbie Exhibition in San Francisco, you'll see Barbie puking in a toilet, Barbie whipping Ken, and topless angel Barbie, among other creations that can be yours to keep for just a few hundred dollars. [Glamwatch]

ETCH-A-SKETCH: If etching glass is so easy to do, what does everything on the market look like something from your grandmother's garage sale? Luckily there's local designer Etch Your Heart Out, who makes awesome etched glass like this weapon-themed salad plate set ($45).

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