San Francisco's New Fashion Revelation

The car.

The bathroom.

The bar next door to the bar where you're meeting your date.

All very popular locations to pull a "Superman."

The "Superman" is what we work-hard-play-hard ladies named our semi-public wardrobe change ... where we wiggle out of the boring business suit and throw on a halter or the cocktail dress that's been smashed in the bottom of a work tote all day.

Don't act like you've never pulled this move ... or like you don't know anyone who has.

We've all done it.

We're busy.

Between work, family, significant others, appointments, traffic, emails and phone calls ... who has time to go all the way home to change before a well-deserved evening out?

No one.

That's why Revelation by M.E. (which stands for the designers' names, Myrda and Eloisa) was created.

These young, full of energy, Bay Area fashionistas designed a collection of convertible clothing specifically for the woman on the go.

With one quick tie, zip, or snap, M.E. dresses morph from a day look into nighttime chic.

"These looks will take a woman from her business meeting straight to happy hour, no detours" Myrda explained.

(We may finally be able to leave the "Superman" to ... Superman. Hooray!)

Myrda and Eloisa attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise in San Francisco where they were inspired by their own needs.

"I'm so busy working full time in the city, commuting from San Mateo, I would change my clothes in the bathroom stall at work before I'd meet my girlfriends for drinks. There's a definite need," Eloisa explained.

Myrda said they're getting a lot of response from customers who are not only trying to save some time, but also some money, "In this economy, everyone's trying to cut costs, this includes travel costs and clothing costs ... if you can buy just one piece that will transform along with your day, you're saving on both."

Good point.

Gas money and cab fare for those quick trips home can add up.

Revelation by M.E. clothing is made from domestic Modal, an eco-friendly, wrinkle-resistant fabric and all production is done right here in San Francisco.

Myrda and Eloisa are getting some attention from women on the go in Hollywood, they were recently asked to custom design pieces for 30 top celebrity moms. The looks will be given to them in an exclusive gift bag on Mother's Day.

We could see a menswear collection in the near future ... the designers said that it's not just the ladies who are seeking day-to-night transformable looks.

Also, stay tuned for convertible tote-to-clutch hangbags.

You can shop Revelation by M.E. at Mingle Boutique, located at 1815 Union Street in San Francisco.

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