Banana Republic: Recession Edition

As consumers tighten their purse strings, retailers like Banana Republic are launching reasonably priced concept stores

Retail's answer to the recession appears to be concept stores with reasonable price points, like Bebe's 2b and most recently Edition by Banana Republic, which opened in May on the second floor of the Westfield San Francisco Centre.

Edition’s new lines of limited edition handbags and jewelry include edgy designs like, State of the Art Clutch, a mixed-media look made from Argentinean leather. There are also artsy designs, like the Cortina Collection, which features handbags made of alligator embossed nubuck leather and smoky hues in graphite and bordeaux. 

Even classic handbags are included - something Banana Republic is known for - like the Gstaad Collection, which features brown bags with gold hardware. These supple leather bags are all under $280.

Banana Republic's jewelry could run a girl $300, but not at Edition. All jewelry is gold and silver and each piece features a different adornment, such as a necklace with a bow or earrings with leaf designs -- and it's all under $100.

The prices aren't bad, especially considering the parent store's price point. And with the style in San Francisco being a little more hipster/classic and little less club wear, this concept store might actually please a few residents.

Courtesy SF Bay Style.

Stephanie Sims writes for SF Bay Style.

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