Bay Area Pirates Set Sail on Airwaves

San Francisco's Mission district has a new free television station. Pirate Cat Radio proprietor, Monkey, as he calls himself, got his hands on some tv gear and is broadcasting on the analog channel 13. Right now Pirate Cat TV can only be seen a few blocks from its Mission transmitter but Monkey plans on moving the antenna to a new location in the near future.

 "If you haven't heard about it yet then the FCC isn't doing their job of informing you that a lot of tv stations are switching from the analog broadcasts to the hd broadcasts and you'll have to buy a new converter box. So instead of buying a new converter box what you can do is keep your tv set that you have now, put rabbit ears on it , and get the all new Pirate Cat Tv," says Monkey.

Monkey says programming will run the gamut  from local news type shows to the work of local filmmakers. 

So batten down the hatches, raise the Jolly Roger, and put your parrot to bed. The Pirates are over the airwaves. Let's just hope Monkey can find a crowsnest high enough to mount his transmitter so we can all watch Pirate Cat TV. 

Robert Wellington is an award winning photojournalist who likes bacon.

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