Chinatown Joins the Unchained Gang

Like North Beach and Hayes Valley before it, Grant Avenue is safe from the clutches of Corporate America! From California to Jackson Streets, and a few small adjoining streets. All thanks to the Planning Commission, which approved Supe Prez Peskin's plan to ban big chains from opening storefronts in the neighborhood. Well, some of his plan -- he didn't entirely get his way this time. Peskin's original proposal would have banned chain stores from the entirety of Chinatown, not just the main cutesy curio-laden Grant artery. Under the Planning Commission's legislation, chains would be required to obtain a "special permit" if they wanted to violate the rest of Chinatown. The Board of Supes are set to vote on the thing in December at the earliest. However! This could pave the way for other, similar bans that have been introduced in the Board of Supes, which would prevent chains from opening up on sections of the Mission and Tenderloin, Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights and Van Ness Avenue.
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