EaterWire: Patterson Takes Mistral Spot, Dynamo Loses Sign, Starbucks Value Meals En Route?

FERRY BUILDING—The Scoop is back, and it brings news of the fate of the space vacated by Mistral Rotisserie: [The spot] will soon be home to Cane Rosso from Daniel Patterson. The chef/owner of four-star Coi will stick with Mistral's casual rotisserie theme but with a Southern Italian approach. He plans to open in May." A chef hire is forthcoming, and the preliminary plan is serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. [Scoop]

THE MISSION—Now really, who steals a restaurant sign? Per Mission Mission, the signage at Dynamo Donuts has gone missing: "In its place was a note from the staff which reads the following: 'To whomever stole our sign, Please return it! <3XO Dynamo'" [MM]

TELEVISION—As boring as Chopped may be, Food Network approves: "Food Network has ordered a full season of Chopped. 26 episodes, slated to air during the summer. That's a big leap of faith after the initial run of five episodes. Suck it Bravo!" [EMD via ENY]

'BUCKSWIRE—And in this week's episode of "Starbucks Panic Moves," we have CEO overlord Howard Schultz proposing Starbucks value meals. Schultz pitched company investors on "several breakfast pairings" at "attractive" prices in order to keep up with the likes of newfound rival McDonald's. Unlike, say, some earlier brainstorms, the idea of value meals actually makes sense during times like these. But will they make anyone buy those smoothies? [AP]

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