The Culinary Twitterati

It's time for the latest edition of A Moveable Tweet, wherein we take a look at the most awe-inspiring tweets from local and national restaurant figures.

@GaelGreene: "Remembering wild, sensuous disco nights dancing to Michael...feeling young and unstoppable and irresistible even if it was mostly fantasy"

@anjanmitra: "Was reminiscing how 'Off the Wall' inspired my life-long groove!"

@michaelbauer1: " "

@TylerFlorence: "Hi guys, I've got a schedule conflict for our cooking class tomorrow morning that just came up. I've got to push it back two hours. Cool?"

@cnewton9: "100 covers no problem, maybe it was the beatdown/pep talk 15 minutes before service and the good luck shot o whiskey, vips happy, its friday"

@ChefJamieLauren: "just met Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go's at Absinthe. And she's a fan of MINE!!! talk about surreal, I grew up on the Go-Go's!!!

@ilanhall: "Jewban sandwiches were a hit! I sold out over 1,000 portions with 45 minutes left in the grand tasting! @richardblais looks like a lezzie!

@chefyouk: "Let the hiring process begin...nope, nope, nope, definitely no, interesting resume, nope..."

@linecook: "Everytime someone orders their fish 'no pancetta', God kills 5 puppies."

@chefludo: "Cindy is so nice, so great so sweet. I love Mustards Grill. "

@sfinz: "D.J. from 'Full House' is now a winemaker. Jeez."

@ruthreichl: "Just drove the cats upstate. Stella has discovered the chipmunks in the woodpile; Haley has discovered the cardinals in the trees."

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