An iPhone App With Benefits

Bay Area company releases unique iPhone ap

If you're moody, and you know it, tap your phone.

A new iPhone application called Twiddler promises to be the most fulfilling digital date you could ever get for Valentine's Day. And who knows you might just get lucky and use it to get a real date. Now that's sweeter than any box of chocolates.

Twiddler aims to help iPhone and iPod touch users figure out what to do, based on their mood. The application is similar to the popular Urbanspoon but has more than just restaurant suggestions, such as activities, events, local businesses, parks, bars, shops, sights and anything else that you can think of to suit your current state of mind. Think of it as a digital mood ring mixed with a magic eightball.

Whether you are feeling emotional or not, all you have to do is tap on the color wheel to pick your mood then spin the digital wheel on the application and thumb through the suggestions it has given you and make your pick.

For now, the application only works in the Bay Area but its developer plans to roll it out to more US cities soon. For more information on the app or to get it yourself in time for Valentine's Day check them out on the Web. Very big warning, the ap costs $2.99.

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