One Guy's 78-Square-Foot Pad

For architect Luke Clark Tyler, a regular day consists of looking at blueprints of lavish homes from his own 78-square-foot apartment. That's right--78 square feet of living space. Most jail cells and dorm rooms are more spacious than this Manhattanite's bachelor pad. We found this YouTube video of Tyler's apartment (shot by faircompanies) and are pretty impressed by this guy's ability to not only make do with the shoebox-sized space, but live comfortably.

Luke pays $800 per month for his midtown studio (the average rent in Midtown is $68.76 per square foot). Not too shabby. He doesn't mind sharing a bathroom with three other people in similar apartments on his floor and not having a kitchen hasn't been a problem. For Luke, a vegetarian, there's really no need to cook. His microwave sits nicely under his printer in his homemade shelving unit within his closet (which holds clothes, toiletries, books and knick knacks). Talk about organization.

Luke has found other crafty ways to organize his apartment. He constructed a sofa-Murphy-bed using plywood and lumber from Home Depot and stained it so that it looks like "real furniture." He also built himself a desk and several storage components. The man has even found space for a junk drawer! All the materials only cost him $170.

"For me, it's comfortable," says Luke. Watch the video below to get an inside look at this tiny home.

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