Rafting the Colorado with Mr. Claus

Every rafting trip has its characters, but, come Dec. 24, one will be a very famous character, indeed.

Black Canyon River Adventures

HO HO HO ON THE H20: If you've ever been on a rafting trip, you've likely met a character or two. It might be your guide or it might be the guy you sat next to for the first few hours (the one that said "wowza!" at every rock and leaf you passed). It's kind of a sunny staple of life on a river, those people who bring a lot of charm and personality to the soaky sightseeing proceedings. But come Tuesday, Dec. 24, Black Canyon River Adventures will welcome a guest we've all been introduced to, in various ways, before: Santa Claus. Yep, Ol' St. Nick is leaving his reindeer and sleigh in a barn and piloting a boat along the Colorado River for some Nevada-nice, Vegas-close aqua action. (Update: The ride is a smoother one, take note, and not so white-watery or wild.)

MAKE THAT 12 MILES OF ACTION: This is no problem for Santa at the helm, right? After all, he flies all over the world in a single night. Twelve miles of smooth river joy should be a snap. But Santa isn't the only start of the Dec. 24-only river trips. Guests'll enjoy seasonal tunes at Willow Beach Marina following the river ride and gratis treats and cocoa. Plus? Everyone gets a gift.

CALL THIS... an alt way to spend a day that is made for family and togetherness. You can for sure still have that, but there is no law that says everyone must be huddled around a fireplace, singing carols and hugging (although that's lovely, too). Why not make Christmas Eve about the outdoors, if your group is indeed an outdoorsy one? Pictures and memories forever, especially if Santa's the river guide. It's true, Mr. Claus has arrived in a variety of boats and trains this season, around various West Coast towns, but call this one of the few opportunities out there to let the Man in Red take the lead. Plus, he has to work off some of that excess stress and energy before his Christmas Eve night deliveries, right? Twelve miles of river-piloting'll do it.

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