Rudolph and All His Friends Take Flight at SF Zoo

Zoo tries to prove reindeers are real

The San Francisco Zoo wants to prove that reindeers really do exist.

On Saturday the zoo kicks off its annual Reindeer Romp as its most celebrated holiday guests – Holly, Velvet, Peppermint and Belle – will be unveiled.

The four reindeers will be on display Saturday, Nov. 22 at 10:30 a.m.  They will remain a zoo fixture through the rest of the year.

Oregon-based Operation Santa Clause will deliver the reindeer to Reindeer Romp Village, their temporary home at the Playfield Lawn.

Reindeer Romp not only convinces any disbelievers, it educates visitors on the rare and special animals.

Visitors learn that their antlers feel like velvet, that they love to swim and that it’s their leathery hooves that help them deftly move in snow.

In addition to the reindeer exhibit, the San Francisco Zoo’s holiday ice skating rink opens on Nov 22.

Visitors are encouraged to bring their hats, mittens and amateur moves to the ice to celebrate the spirit of the holiday season with their favorite zoo friends.

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