Smackdown: SFBG Calls Sue Lee a Realtor's Puppet

The SF Association of Realtors is really throwing their weight around the district supes elections. As you may recall: it started with the pricey ad accusing David Chiu, John Avalos, and Eric Mar of being mini-Chris Dalys. Now the SFBG's entering the D1 ring with their take. Gloves off: one of Eric Mar's opponents, former planning commish Sue Lee, is a hack for the Association of Realtors, writes Amanda Witherell, and she's being funded by an "incestuous web of independent expenditure and political action committees." To wit, Sue Lee's tenure as planning commissioner was marked by little more than a swinging wrecking ball to neighborhood interests. 'Course, no hate-fest is complete without a bulleted list— this one includes various big projects that Sue Lee thumbs-up'd but that local groups opposed. (Soma Grand, anyone?) Sue Lee: palling around with Realtors? Jeez, it's getting ugly out there, folks.
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