Five Reasons Apple Won't Develop an HDTV

Apple created the Mac, the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, so would it be that strange that it would develop an HDTV? Yes, I think it would. Although I initially wrote about this last week, here are five reasons why Apple will never develop a high-definition television.

1. It already developed its Apple TV box-top.

The Apple TV box-top, which works on most televisions, is all that's needed to convert any television into an iOS minion. Apple doesn't need hardware to dominate in this field, it just needs better offerings.

2. Apple has no experience in manufacturing televisions, so why start now?

Apple has spent its existence on creating highly technical devices, so why suddenly chuck all that to create a technology it knows nothing about? That's kind of like Google deciding to create landlines or business furniture. Other long-term manufacturers likes Samsung, Philips and Sharp have spent decades perfecting the devices, so they probably do it better and cheaper than Apple could ever do. Perhaps Apple might pair up with a manufacturer, but that's as close as I see Apple creating an actual television.

3. Apple would need to create a partnership with cable and satellite providers.

The big question would be if Apple could find cable or satellite providers willing to support this Apple HDTV -- when the product itself is openly declaring war on both of the industries. Don't expect either cable or satellite to be welcoming this new development.

4. Apple already has its hands full with the new iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Why waste time on a new, untried market when bestselling products need to be updated? Apple already knows it has a following for its iOS devices, so it should concentrate on those profitable niches before considering a leap into the unknown.

5. HDTV is already outdated.

HDTV is so 2007. Consumers are now looking at three-dimensional televisions or not even watching televisions at all. A recent survey said that 85 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds and 82 percent of 35-to-44-year-olds have accessed television programming over the Internet. Blame this on the increasingly high-definition laptops and mobile devices. As for 3D TVs, there's still a long way to go before there's a decent model that doesn't require eye wear.

Apple has a lot to overcome if it intends to manufacturer televisions, which is why I think the company won't. Instead they will partner with existing manufacturers and focus on offering more quality selections, and attract more users to their brand.  

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