Vallejo Police: No More Protection for City Schools

Bankruptcy means school officers must go back on the street

The Vallejo Police department is withdrawing police protection from city schools in the wake of its bankruptcy.

The withdrawal is expected to be completed by Dec. 19.

With what school officials said was almost no advance warning, the 16,000-student district will lose six dedicated officers who will be redeployed to the street.

The department has also informed the school district it plans to cease providing police protection at all extracurricular events, including football games, basketball games, graduations and dances. 

"We are absolutely devastated," said District spokesman Jason Hodge.

District officials plan to fight the action by scheduling meetings with the police chief and city leaders, Hodge said.

The district is hopeful the decision can be reversed once parents and residents learn of the action, Hodge said.

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