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SF Biodiesel Plant Hits a Snag

Rendered to wait another four to six months for Planning Department report



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    Josh Jackson
    Residents of the Bayview and Hunters Point neighborhoods have long suffered from toxic pollution.

    A plant for rendering animal waste into fat for soap and fertilizer had its plans to produce biodiesel put on hold, pending an environmental impact report (EIR).

    Darling International owns a rendering plant on San Francisco's Pier 92 and it wanted to produce up to 10 million gallons a year of the fuel, which powers 1,500 diesel vehicles operated by the city.

    Currently, the biodiesel blend favored by the local goverment is trucked in from producers hundreds of miles away in the Midwest.

    The Bayview-Hunter's Point neighborhood where the plant is located has long suffered from local polluters, with residents suffering from a high rate of asthma and other illnesses.

    Karen Pierce, a nearby resident who spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle, said she supported the plan in general but wanted to be certain it wouldn't harm the neighborhood.

    The Planning Department originally signed off on the idea without requiring an EIR, but after the successful appeal, will now take four to six months preparing a full report. Photo by Josh Jackson.

    Jackson West would like to point out that no other San Francisco neighborhood would let a refinery, biodiesel or otherwise, anywhere near them.