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Defendant's Daughter, 10, Testifies at Cop Killing Trial

Alex Charfauros is on trial for murder in the death of San Diego police officer Christopher Wilson



    Jurors heard emotional testimony from a 10-year-old girl testifying against her father, who faces murder charges in the killing of a San Diego police officer.

    Alex Charfauros is accused of murder, in the 2010 shooting death of police SDPD Officer Chris Wilson.

    Prosecutor Michael Runyon asked Charfauros’ daughter if she'd ever seen guns and drugs in her father's apartment or seen suspects who exchanged gun-fire with police.

    She said she never saw weapons and testified that her father never talked about the other suspects Holim Lee or Lucky Xayasene.

    When asked if she knew why she was in court, the defendant's daughter cried and her grandfather tried to comfort her.

    The exchange brought tears to the defendant’s eyes.

    The girl also recalled one time when she was playing in the living room with her father in his apartment and her father hid her in a back bedroom.

    Jurors heard a recorded jail conservation between Charfauros and his daughter in which she asks him about a friend opening the door and yelling "Police" into the apartment.

    Charfauros’ daughter: "Daddy, did you know they were bad people"
    Charfauros: "No"
    Charfauros’ daughter: "Did you even ask, and when I even asked you, she was like, ‘The police. The police.' And I got worried because I knew something was wrong.”
    Charfauros: "Oh, honey, Daddy was on drugs, so."
    Charfauros’ daughter: “I want to tell you to stop that.”
    Charfauros: “Drugs? I know.”
    Charfauros’ daughter: “You sent me to my room and I was too afraid and this is where you are now.”
    Charfauros: “I know.”
    Charfauros’ daughter: “I tried to tell you.”

    NBC 7 is not identifying the child because she's a minor.

    Officer Wilson, 50, died from a gunshot wound to the head after officers raided the apartment on South Meadowbrook Drive in Bay Terraces.

    San Diego police were providing backup for probation officers on Oct. 27. 2010 as they searched for Holim Lee, a dangerous parole violator.

    An investigation revealed the fatal shot was fired by Lee who barricaded himself in a bedroom of the apartment with his girlfriend Lucky Xayasene. Lee and Xayasene killed themselves after killing Wilson officials said.

    Charfauros never fired a weapon that night, and had left the scene "before" the shoot-out.

    Prosecutors say he's guilty because he lied to police about the dangers inside.

    Officer Lorenzo Ruiz testified in the trial that the SDPD would’ve called in SWAT had they known that Lee and Xayasene were heavily armed inside the unit.

    Defense attorneys argue the police botched the raid and should’ve known there were guns in the home.

    NBC 7 has been the only local media organization covering the trial.