national park week

How to Celebrate National Park Week Using Your Library Card

Sunset view of famous giant sequoia trees, also known as giant redwoods or Sierra redwoods, on a beautiful sunny day with green meadows in summer, Sequoia National Park, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California, USA.

Calling all outdoor lovers on this National Park Week.

To celebrate, California state library card holders can use their resources and receive free, one-day parking passes for state parks.

“All Californians should have the opportunity to be outdoors in nature,” said California Secretary for Natural Resources Wade Crowfoot. “Yet many of our state’s residents live in communities without adequate parks and open space. This innovative new program will enable more Californians to explore our incredible State Parks system, and in the process create more equitable access to nature and the outdoors.”

If you do in fact plan a summer trip to a national park, its advised to book a camp site in advance.

According to Campspot - a website that helps reserve spots for RVs, camping, hotels and more - CEO Michael Sheinman, snagging a reservation will be tougher as there's an increased interest in outdoor activities with people venturing out from the pandemic.

Watch the video above for more details.

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