Bay Area Groups, Tech Companies Rally to Help India Fight COVID-19

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India's COVID crisis seems to get worse by the minute.

Both coronavirus cases and deaths in the country are setting records almost daily. Now, many in the Bay Area are looking for ways to help.

Dr. Nilima Sabharwal has family in India and already has lost an aunt due to a lack of oxygen. Members of the local organization Sabharwal started, called Home of Hope, are currently on the ground in India trying to help.

"Our partners are in the trenches right now," Sabharwal said. "They are delivering oxygen by path machines, oxygen machines, masks."

Tech companies are starting to step up their efforts to help too.

Salesforce is sending money and a plane full of supplies and Google is contributing $18 million to the effort. Bay Area venture capitalist Vinod Khosla is also funding the import of oxygen and other needed medical supplies.

"There isn't family, an Indian-American family in the Bay Area who doesn't know someone in India who is being affected," Congressman Ro Khanna said.

Khanna is also the vice chair of the Congressional India Caucus.

"Let's all push and advocate to make sure Pfizer and Moderna do the right thing, at least temporarily, and get the vaccine recipes into India so that they can start to manufacture the vaccines," Khanna said.

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