Californians Show Willingness to Travel Despite COVID-19 Cases

Travel was up 41% from last year and airport officials expect to see a busy holiday season.

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With California’s COVID-19 rate leveling off, it appears travelers are once again starting to make holiday travel plans.

Keonnis Taylor, a spokesperson with the Mineta San Jose International Airport told NBC Bay Area on Thursday that Labor Day was a good sign people are willing to travel again.

Travel was up 41% from last year and airport officials expect to see a busy holiday season.

Armed with face shield and gloves, Jenny Renteria said being fully vaccinated puts her a little at ease as she was heading to Las Vegas.

“It's a bachelorette party and it's my 58th birthday on Saturday,” she said.

That’s the trend at San Jose Interantional Airport despite COVID-19 numbers still rising in other parts of the country.

“There’s been a pent up demand. People haven’t been going to see their relatives. They haven't been taking trips over a holiday period for the last year and a half. We think some of that is causing people to be excited to coming back to the airport," Taylor said.

To promote COVID-19 safety, SJC has installed UV lights on the escalator handrails to help kill germs and masks are required while traveling to your destination.

Jeannette Reuter is traveling to Arizona, where the state’s COVID-19 cases are higher than California.

“I’m very careful when I'm there," she said. "I make sure I wear a mask, I eat outdoors just to be on the safe side because they’re more in the "red" than we are,” She said.

While California’s latest positivity rate is 3.4%, places like Arizona recently reporting 9.7% or higher.

The Vicky Avila and her sister are heading to Mexico for just a few days.

“2020-2021, We are at home, now come back to Mexico," she aid.

The sisters said they’re more confident now about travelling since their vaccinated.

“Everybody healthy, everybody taking care and loving each other," she added.

Airport officials say you should always check for new restrictions when booking your flight.

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