East Palo Alto Clinic Pushes to Get Minorities Vaccinated

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As cities and counties around the Bay Area rush to vaccinate, an east Palo Alto clinic isn’t just vaccinating seniors – it’s vaccinating those who take care of them.

Saturday was a big day for Mr. Morton of East Palo Alto. He was one of around 1,000 people ready to receive their first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, something he’s been waiting for.

“I suggest that everyone that has an opportunity to get the shot, particularly seniors who live in this area, it behooves you to get the shot,” he said.

Aside from being an essential worker, Morton is also a caretaker.

A Hayward woman who cares for her aunt not only accompanied her but hoped to get vaccinated as well.

Unlike other sites across the Bay Area, the Ravenswood Family Healthcare Center opened up their vaccinations to those 65 or older, or those who take care of them.

Legal status and insurance are not required.

There were a steady line of people all of Saturday at Ravenswood. The vaccination site is the first of its size that caters to the majority Latino, African American and Tonggan communities.

The next mass vaccination date has not yet been announced, but people at Ravenswood remain committed to not leaving behind members of their communities in the flight against COVID-19.

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