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Marin County Vaccinates First Responders

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Marin County isn’t just vaccinating its healthcare workers, it has also begun inoculating hundreds of first responders, including police and firefighters.

“We’re the first ones that interact with individuals who’ve come down and contracted COVID, so it can be pretty stressful,” said Central Marin Fire Chief Ruben Martin.

Marin County is among the first in the Bay Area to offer vaccinations to firefighters, deputies, officers and others who answer the public’s call for help every day.

“It’s imperative we get vaccinated as soon as we can, because it provides an extra level of protection not only for ourselves and our families, but the people we serve,” Martin said.

Kentfield Fire Chief Mark Pomi rolled up his sleeve and got his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on Wednesday afternoon. He said two-thirds of his department have done the same.

“It’s been long-awaited and I’m just trying to do my part to be part of the solution and control this pandemic,” said Pomi.

California Highway Patrol Captain Robert Mota got his vaccination too. He said CHP officers haven’t slowed down when it comes to keeping drivers safe on the highway, and he’s glad the vaccine is finally an option.

“We are absolutely on the front line, and I’m glad the vaccine is finally here and our folks have been getting it,” Mota said. “I am one of the lucky ones at the front here getting it in the first few days.”

So far, Marin County has vaccinated several hundred first responders. They’ll continue to work through the weekend, hoping to protect as many first responders as possible.

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