The Lazy Bastard's Guide to Going Green

Esquire offers useful tips for the motivated impaired

We don't need Al Gore to tell us (at least anymore) that the Earth is in bad shape. Most of us, not named Sarah Palin, know our mother needs a major tune up. But what are we willing to do about it?

Buying a hybrid might be a bit too expensive, unplugging our cell phone charger is hard to remember and buying local only can just be down right difficult. Well leave it up to our friends at Esquire to come up with a list of five ways to go green without even trying for all us lazy bastards out there.

"There are extreme sacrifices to be made for the good of the planet and all the people who dwell upon it," Esquire writes. "This story is not about those sacrifices."

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Brilliant we say. So what are some of these amazing armchair green revolutionary ideas that Esquire has? Can't afford that hybrid? Guys wow about emasculating yourself a little and trading in that sedan for a hatchback?

"The hatchback already comes close to the practical ideal: Seats five, sips gas, handles like a go-kart, looks cool — enough," the magazine writes.

How about switching your lawnmower to a non-electric mower? Think about it. It's gas free, noise free and gives you an aerobic work out.  Check out Esquire for their other clever suggestions to go green without really lifting a finger.

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