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A good night’s sleep is the cornerstone to happy, healthy and productive days. That’s why it’s so important to optimize your bed with the ideal mattress.

Today, many people select memory foam mattresses to improve their sleep. Borrowing technology that NASA developed for space shuttle seats, memory foam adjusts to the individual’s ergonomic and sleeping needs, resulting in a far superior night’s rest.

Let’s take a closer look at the key benefits of memory foam.

Bespoke Bed

By responding to heat and body pressure, memory foam molds to your body, evenly distributing your bodyweight across its surface and returning to its original shape when not in use.

Temperature Responsive

Body temperature affects our quality of sleep. Thanks to temperature-sensitive materials, memory foam adjusts to your temperature, softening as your body heat rises. These mattresses also can retain heat, or, if you prefer to stay cool, you can opt for memory foam with built-in cooling features.


What athlete or former athlete hasn’t complained about aches and pains disrupting their sleep? But just because we stay active doesn’t mean we should be punished. Memory foam responds to your injured areas (which radiate heat) and displaces pressure so that you can get a comfortable night’s rest.

Allergy Relief

A well-worn traditional mattress can contain millions of dust mites, which can greatly aggravate your allergies. Memory foam, on the other hand, is composed of fibers that act as a deterrent to dust mites, thus preventing the buildup of irritating allergens.

Great for Partners

Since memory foam molds to your body, it absorbs any movement you might make. Meaning if you’re a restless sleeper, your tossing and turning won’t disturb your partner.

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