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'Bullitt' Car Chase in Stop-Motion Miniature



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    Think of cinematic car chases and the list quickly gets to more than a few, even for non-cineastes. Heck, entire films are built around automotive antics.

    But think of San Francisco car chases, and there's only one: Steve McQueen's "Bullitt."

    Vicariously destroying cars via high-speed pursuits through Russian Hill or the Haight is, in itself, a thrill. The fact that the movie's car-chase scene is nearly 10 minutes is almost indulgent.

    According to Jalopnik, one man has combined his love of that chase, combined it with nostalgia for his childhood toy racetrack and created a stop-motion, miniaturized version of the scene. Or, at least, some of it.

    Steve Day, a British graphic designer, got the inspiration when Scalextrics released toy versions of the 1968 Ford Mustand and the 1968 Dodge Charger used in the film.

    He was also trying to "complete" his midlife crisis. He set up a camera, Macbook, racetrack and hand-built backdrops. Interest in his first vid has compelled him to keep re-creating the entire film, according to the New York Times.

    Here's his clip ... and below that is the original (because, like us, you'll want to relive the scene at your desk).