San Jose

2 Young Women Chase Away Burglar from South Bay Home

Residents say a South Bay home burglary was interrupted Friday when two girls came home and chased away the alleged thief. 

The girls, 17 and 21 years old, came home from a work meeting and confronted the suspect until he escaped through the back of the house, between Piedmont Road and Farthing Way in San Jose, sources close to the family said.

Alvin Caampued, the girls’ uncle, posted a video on Facebook of the alleged robber running away, accompanied by the caption: “Anybody recognize this punk? He broke into my mom’s house this morning at around 11 a.m. Fortunately no one was hurt!”

The video shows a young man in his teens to mid-20s running away with a red bag and what appears to be a Louis Vuitton bag, both of which he eventually dropped when one of the girls started to tug on his shirt. The video amassed more than 32 thousand views and close to one thousand shares on Facebook just one day after it had been posted.

According to Caampued, the suspect ran out the front door and was confronted by the girls, after which he ran back inside, through the house and out the back door over the fence. The nieces told their uncle that the alleged burglar used a chair to pry open the bathroom window screen off to get into the house.

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