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5.3 Earthquake Shakes Central California

People in San Jose say they felt the shaking.



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    A 5.3 magnitude earthquake shook Central California late Saturday night.

    It struck at 11:55 p.m. and was centered along the San Andreas Fault about 16 miles northeast of King City.

    Click here to see USGS map of quake's location.

    People reported feeling it in the Bay Area.  One viewer said things were shaking and falling off his bookshelf in San Jose

    People also reported feeling the quake as far south as Los Alamos in Northern Santa Barbara County.

    There were three aftershocks in the hour after the quake.  They had magnitudes of 3.7, 2.5 and 3.3, according to the USGS. The chance of a significant aftershock sometime in the next seven days was 18 percent, the USGS reported.

     The 5.3 shaker came just a few days after the 23rd anniversary of the 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake.  That earthquake hit on Oct. 17, 1989 and was centered in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    The Loma Prieta earthquake was the most recent major earthquake associated with the San Andreas Fault.  The USGS said while the earthquake was not produced by the main San Andreas Fault, it happened on a closely associated blind thrust fault that had formed as a result of a bend in the fault, south of the San Francisco Bay.

    In the summary of tonight's 5.3 quake, the USGS noted that they estimate the probability  of a 6.7 or larger quake hitting the San Andreas fault in the next 30 years is better than 20-percent.