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6 Hurt After SUV Collides With Muni Bus in San Francisco

Witnesses told NBC Bay Area that the SUV was speeding when it crashed into the Muni bus.

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Police are investigating a crash that involved a Muni bus in an SUV in San Francisco Saturday.

The incident happened at around 11 a.m. on Lombard and Fillmore streets in the city's Marina District.

Officials said that multiple vehicles were involved and several people were injured, including pedestrians. Among the injured, at least six people had to be taken to the hospital, but are expected to be OK.

Police said they detained the driver of the SUV. According to some witnesses, the man detained was driving recklessly throughout the city before the crash.

“This white vehicle, looked like it was going at least 89 to 90 miles an hour,” said John Bartley.

There was some surveillance footage that was taken just seconds before the accident happened.

“All of a sudden, we just heard the loudest boom I ever heard. Something that just wasn't an outright explosion,” said San Francisco resident Eric Kingsbury.

Witnesses told NBC Bay Area that the SUV was speeding when it crashed into the Muni bus.

“It did a full 180 and there was another 22, that was coming across at the same time. The driver jumped out, jumped on the bus and grabbed the driver out,” Kingsbury said.

Officials said that multiple vehicles were involved.

“It was multiple cars. There were people standing all around, shaking. There was blood pouring off of people as I saw them getting pulled out of cars, it was a horrible scene,” Kingsbury said.

Several people on social media said they saw the SUV driving erratically in the city. In fact, business owner Sean Doolan said his friend called him right after the crash just to find out what car was involved.

“First thing, he asked me was, ‘Was it a white Escalade?’ and I was like ‘it was’ and he goes ‘I saw that car driving on the sidewalk at one point, running red lights, driving at least 80 miles per hour’” Kingsbury said.

Police could not confirm if the driver was impaired nor if the SUV they were driving was actually theirs. Police are still piecing everything together to find out what exactly happened.

Meanwhile, the community said the crash was shocking but common. It's so common, business owners like Jordan Nari, took down his cameras.

“We had to take them down because there is always some kind of incident. Especially a traffic incident, where people want to get footage and it was taking too much of my time. It's too often, just way too often,” Nari said.

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