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Arson Cases Climb in the Castro



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    Fireman using hose on house fire, rear view, night

    Castro residents may want to consider getting some renter's insurance after last week's string of fires continued into the weekend.

    The latest blaze started around 4am, and left neighbors anxiously tweeting all night long. This one took place on the second floor of a residence at Noe and 16th and doesn't appear related to the previous incidents, according to unconfirmed online rumors.

    Last week, a series of fires broke out around 16th and Market on Thursday. Those incidents ranged from a small trash can fire to a two-alarm housefire that displaced seventeen people, according to the BAR.

    Then another fire occurred on Friday, with a piece of plastic left burning in the doorway of a barber shop.

    One property owner told the Ex that he is convinced than an arsonist is to blame. More unconfirmed rumors swirled about an arrested homeless man who threatened to burn down the Castro.

    The Castro Community on Patrol has promised to keep an eye out for trouble, but the volunteer group is too short-staffed to continuously monitor the entire neighborhood. Meanwhile, the police department has asked anyone who was out during the nights of the fires to contact them at 415-553-0123.