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This Man is Not a Cop



    This Man is Not a Cop
    Scotts Valley Police Department

     The Scotts Valley Police Department on Friday released a  photograph of a man who was arrested two weeks ago for impersonating a police  officer in the hopes of flushing out victims of his alleged deception.

    The Santa Cruz County Jail booking photo of Akira Kelcasy Kelly  was withheld from the public after his Sept. 3 arrest because police had  hoped to "preserve the integrity of possible photo line-ups" by not making  Kelly's face well-known, Scotts Valley police said in a statement.

    Since no one has called to report Kelly contacting them under the  guise of an authority figure, police released the picture of 39-year-old  Kelly, a Scotts Valley resident, hoping that the visual reminder will help  some victims recall incidents of alleged impersonation.

     After Scotts Valley police conducted a three-month investigation  of Kelly, he was arrested early this month at his home in the 5500 block of  Scotts Valley Drive just west of State Route 17, police said.

    Kelly had managed to buy a white retired police car over the  Internet, police said, and he then outfitted it with standard police items  like a radar detector, police lights, a scanner, a siren and a loudspeaker  system.

    While executing a search warrant at Kelly's house, police also  found a pair of black coveralls and a police jacket with law enforcement  patches on them, police said.

     Kelly had also procured a badge and a police duty belt that  contained pepper spray, a baton, a set of handcuffs, a radio, and a replica  firearm, police said.

    He was booked into the county jail for impersonating a police  officer, exhibiting a fraudulent law enforcement badge, possessing stolen  property, displaying a fraudulent license plate, and giving false information  to a police officer, according to Scotts Valley police.

    As of Friday, Kelly had been released on bail, police said.         

    Scotts Valley police are asking anyone who may have been stopped  or contacted by Kelly, or who saw him impersonating a police officer in  public, to call the police department at (831) 440-5670.

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