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Blockbuster Offers a Deal to Disgruntled Netflix Customers



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    Blockbuster is more than happy to let disgruntled Netflix fans switch sides.

    Just as everyone is busy venting their frustration at the Netflix price hikes, Blockbuster had decided to hang out a carrot in an attempt to woo some customers their way.

    The deal offers 30 days free if you switch over to Blockbuster Total Access from a Netflix account. After your teaser month is up, the monthly fee has been dropped by a couple of bucks to $10 for a one disc at a time plan, and $15 for two discs.

    The big problem is that Blockbuster will still charge you by the movie for streaming access, so it only makes sense if you rarely stream anything. There are a few other perks however, including no extra charge for Blu-rays, no waiting period for streaming access once a movie comes out on DVD, game rentals, and instant disc exchanges in Blockbuster's brick and mortar stores.

    That last feature could have been a clincher before Blockbuster shuttered a bunch of its stores, including the one three blocks from where I live.

    Personally, I'm sticking with Netflix. A 60% price hike might sound pretty bad on paper, but if you do the math it works out to a whopping 20 cents per day. I probably spend more than that on the electricity to run the DVD player.

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