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Clamoring For Super Bowl Tickets



    Connie Plata of San Jose is a lucky 49er season ticket holder who won two $850 Super Bowl tickets in a team lottery. She said she was going to take her pregnant daughter. (Published Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013)

    It seems as if every Niners faithful is clamoring for Super Bowl tickets, hoping to see the San Francisco team play in the Big Game, the team's first time in nearly two decades.

    Some are willing to plunk down $3,000 or more from scalpers on the Web. Others, like Connie Plata of San Jose are the "lucky" ones, season ticket holders who "won" the chance to buy tickets starting at $850 apiece to see the game.

    Plata was so excited she was jumping up and down when she found out she was chosen on Tuesday, and hopes to bring her pregnant daughter to New Orleans to watch the game against the Baltimore Ravens on Feb. 3.

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    And then, there was the magical, Willy Wonka-ish offer of team CEO, Jed York, who tweeted Thursday about 8 a.m. that he had "2 SB tix for someone. Let me know why I should pick you...& down goes the Twitter."

    The responses were fast and furious, some fans using guilt, others nostalgia, to persuade the tech-savvy team owner for passes to the game.

    Cecilia Knapp was bold and simple: "Please pick me just because I'm a big fan."

    Jeff Anderson tweeted his Christmas photo with his wife, standing in the freezing cold in New York, fully dressed in Niners garb.

    Sonia Vasquez tried to show York how good a daughter she was, saying that her parents have been fans since 1987 and she'd love to send them to the game.

    Ezequiel Hernandez said he's in the Navy and it would be "awesome" to go.


    Just how York plans to distribute the tickets, how and when he'll make his choice, and if this is a one-time offer before the Big Game wasn't immediately clear. But his fans will surely be tuned into Twitter to find out.