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Competing for Two

Canadian Curler sports a baby bump

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    Canadian curler Kristie Moore has a lot to celebrate at the Vancouver Olympics. Her team defeated Sweden 6-2 on Monday.

    And then, there'a the baby bump one Olympian is sporting. Canadian curler Kristie Moore is about six months pregnant and ready to take the ice in a heartbeat in Vancouver. She is an alternate to the women's curling team, a spot she got just a few weeks after finding out she was pregnant.

    Moore reportedly decided to start a family after she did not make the Olympic team for the Vancouver games. A few weeks after finding out she was expecting, she was asked to be an alternate. Though some have expressed concern over Olympic competition while pregnant, Moore got the all-clear from her doctor.

    Kaiser Santa Clara ob/gyn Dr. Susan Smarr told NBC Bay Area that athletes who are already in good condition can continue in their sports, but adds, "They must consider things like hydration and heart rate because pregnancy is already a strain on the body."

    Moore can attest to a higher heart rate, as she told the Seattle Times. Moore said, "With sweeping, my heart rate is naturally up because I'm pregnant, so it takes a little bit longer to catch my breath than it did before. But I've curled my entire life, so it's pretty much about me continuing to do what got me here."

    As an alternate, Moore expected to ride the bench at the Vancouver games, but suddenly was tapped to play in the final moments against Sweden. Moore told the Seattle Times sun, "I wasn't expecting to go in," said Moore, the fifth member of a team that only needs four to play. "I didn't stretch or anything. So I was a little unprepared."

    If Moore's team wins it all in Vancouver, she won't be the first pregnant Olympian to medal. Swedish figure skater Magda Julin earned gold at the 1920 Antwerp Games. in 2006, Germany's Diana Sartor earned gold in skeleton.

    Team Canada is due back on the ice against the Russian team today. Moore's baby is due in late May.