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Dugard Family on Porn Producer's Plans: "Breathtakingly Unkind"



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    Jaycee Dugard, living with her mother and the daughters she had with Philip Garrido, is "happy to be back" with family.

    The idea of an adult filmmaker planning a movie about the story of Jaycee Dugard's kidnapping and 18-year captivity is apalling for anyone to hear.

    Now the Dugard family is responding to news that Shane Ryan, the actor and movie maker behind films such as "It's My Turn Bitch!," "Warning!! Pedophile Released: A Love Story" and the series "Amateur Porn Star Killer," wants to add another to his list of disturbing  titles: "Abducted: An American Sex Slave -- The Jaycee Dugard Story."

    Speaking on behalf of the Dugard family on Tuesday, Nancy Seltzer issued the following statement:

    "There is only one true and factual story to be told. If and when Jaycee and her family think it is appropriate, their story will be told by them, in a forum of their choosing with the respect and thoughtfulness they so deserve. Anyone else speculating about the details of such a personal hurt, for financial gain, is exploitative, hurtful and breathtakingly unkind."

    Ryan had said that he doesn't intend the film to be exploitative and that the movie would focus on the relationship between Jaycee Dugard and Phillip Garrido.

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