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Final Video Store in Mountain View Closing

South Bay tech capital losing Videoscope, the last video storefront.



    Final Video Store in Mountain View Closing
    The last video store in Mountain View is closing up shop.

    Thirty years is a good run.

    Especially considering the last 10 years endured competition that killed off the big boys of the video-renting world.

    Videoscope, the final video rental store in Mountain View, is closing after three decades in business, according to the Palo Alto Daily News.

    The store opened in an 800-square foot space in Palo Alto with 15 movies. It expanded, moved, and finally ended up with about 40,000 titles.

    But thanks to Netflix, Redbox, and other competitors that drove Blockbuster and Hollywood Video out of business, the store was making small margins, according to founder and co-owner Odon Sy, who with his wife Nona have run the place for 31 years.

    So when the rent went up, the move to close was made easier.

    "The big thing is the overhead," Nona told the newspaper. "It doesn't add up anymore."