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Girl Reports Kidnap Attempt at Los Gatos Creek Trail

Girl had just left trail when confronted by driver.



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    Police are looking for a man who tried to kidnap a 17-year-old  girl near the Los Gatos Creek Trail in Los Gatos on Sunday.

    The attempted kidnapping occurred at about 4:20 p.m. on Lark  Avenue near the Los Gatos Creek Trail, according to the Los Gatos-Monte  Sereno Police Department.

    The victim was walking west on the north side of the street from  the trail when a dark brown car slowed down next to her and the driver  offered to give her a ride, police said.

    The girl declined the offer and continued walking, but the driver  stopped his car on the curb ahead of her, exited the car and opened the  passenger door, according to police.

    He then walked up to the girl, grabbed her arm and bent down in an  attempt to lift her, but she pulled away and punched him in the face and  kneed him in the groin, police said.

    The impact caused the suspect to release his grip on the girl and  she was able to escape. The suspect returned to his car and drove west on  Lark Avenue toward Winchester Boulevard.

    The suspect was described as a Hispanic man in his mid 40s, about  5 feet 6 inches tall and 150 pounds. He was clean-shaven and had black  medium-length hair that was slicked back. The suspect was wearing a red  T-shirt with a large circular logo on the front and dirty blue jeans with  paint splatters on them.

    The car he was driving was a small sedan, hatchback or station  wagon with tinted rear passenger windows and a manual transmission. It may  have been a mid-80s Volkswagen Jetta or similar-looking vehicle. The car had  several large areas that were painted dark blue or black and it appeared that  the paint was being used to cover areas that were rusting.

    Police are investigating the case and ask anyone with information  to call Detective Kevin Elliott at (408) 827-3211.