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In Shape Alex Smith Caught on Video



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    Alex Smith looks like he will be calling plays in San Francisco again next season. If there ever is a next season.

    Leave it to savy veteran beat reporters to turn a story when little is going on.

    While the NFL lockout continues to whiter, fans have been struggling to find anything about their favorite football team to get excited about.

    For San Francisco 49ers' fans, the hottest topic of conversation seems to be the return -- once again -- of quarterback Alex Smith.

    When head coach Jim Harbaugh gave Smith a playbook after day one of the draft, fans were dealt fair notice to prepare for a second, possible third, coming of Alex Smith.

    Some fans trust in Harbaugh and decided to let things play out. While others scratch their heads and others at least have something to talk about in an otherwise quiet off season.

    Now veteran reporter Matt Maiocco of CSN Bay Area has surfaced video of Smith working out with some of his teammates in the South Bay.

    The players, which includes Josh Morgan and Justin Smith, are trying to stay in shape for once they are allowed to return back to team headquarters.

    On the video, a visibly chiseled Smith, is seen throwing passes to Morgan, Ted Ginn and Kevin Jurovich.

    One thing also appears to be clear: Smith isn't going anywhere.

    Maiocco reports that Smith and his receivers are running routes out of Harbaugh's new playbook. Check out the CSN Bay Area video for yourself below.