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Kevin Rose's New Gig

Rose explains the details of his new company.



    Kevin Rose has only been gone from Digg about two weeks, but he's already announced some details about his new project.

    TechCrunch reports he's teamed up with his old Digg designer, Daniel Burka, to form a company called "Milk." 

    Milk is being described as an incubation lab of sorts, but different than a traditional incubation lab, in that, instead of working with many smaller companies, they'll be focusing on cultivating only a few companies they think have potential, to turn them into big, audacious ones.

    Rose says they plan on only having an elite crew of about ten.

    “We’ve been upfront with investors that the lab’s companies are going after big ideas, not launching continuous small projects,” Rose said in an interview yesterday. “There is so much opportunity to disrupt old media and old business.”

    Unlike Digg, Rose will be CEO of Milk.

    “I’ve grown a lot in the last six and a half years,” he says. “I didn’t know what I was doing at Digg, and I gave away too much control. That’s part of the reason I got antsy at Digg. I know the mistakes we made at Digg, and I’m excited to start something new and ready to do this as a CEO.”