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Morgan Hill Students Ate Drug-Laced Cookies at Live Oak High

Four or five students ate cookies that were possibly laced with drugs, police said.



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    Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill.

    Morgan Hill police said that four or five students at Live Oak High School ate some drug-laced cookies Friday morning -- on 4/20 day -- and reported being sick.

    Sgt. Troy Hoefling said after the girls ate the tan, cream-filled cookies shortly after 11 a.m., they started crying, falling down and acting hysterically.

    In a statement, Morgan Hill Unified School District Superintendent Wesley Smith said it appeared as though the drug was marijuana.

    Emergency crews rushed to the Morgan Hill school. The girls were evaluated at the scene and not taken to the hospital. Hoefling said they all volunteered to come down to the police station for a blood test.

    Police are investigating who provided the girls with the cookies and if the girls knew that the treats might be laced with drugs.

    Smith said that "school officials are working with law enforcement to ensure that the individual who brought the cookies is dealt with appropriately and immediately."

    Friday, April 20th, is "4/20" day, a counterculture holiday where many celebrate marijuana and do anything they can to consume it.

    The so-called celebratory day began in the 1970s when students at San Rafael High went outside to smoke marijuana at the designated time of 4:20 p.m.

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