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Marijuana Elimination Team Also Removes Trash

There are new duties for the helicopter-riding marijuana police.



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    The successor to the legendary Campaign Against Marijuana Planting has new duties.

     Trash removal.
    Removing trash, old water lines, and other detritus from remote renegade marijuana plantations -- as well as pulling up plants and arresting planters -- are the duties of the Cannabis Eradication and Reclamation Team, according to reports.
    Previously, CAMP's five teams were funded by how many plants they pulled up from the ground, according to SF Weekly. Less important was arresting planters and removing from their illegal camps waste items and pollutants, the newspaper reported.
    This meant that growers were often able to return to their busted site the following season, since the CAMP teams didn't have time or inclination to remove the infrastructure, such as water lines, according to Lt. John Nores of the California Department of Fish and Game.
    There was rumor that the police in helicopters that are a staple of life in California's pot-growing counties would be a thing of the past, after Gov. Jerry Brown last year moved to de-fund CAMP. Turns out that CERT, CAMP's successor, is funded almost entirely by federal sources, according to the newspaper.