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Motorist Kills Celebrity Chihuahua



    Motorist Kills Celebrity Chihuahua

    A weirdly tragic end to a weirdly tragic story. Gizmo, the little Chihuahua at the center of a shooting two weeks ago in San Francisco's Haight district, was killed by a motorist earlier this week.

    The dispute boiled over when Gizmo's owner, Michael Stafford, brought the animal into a shop at Masonic and Haight. The store owner pushed the dog aside with his foot, an argument ensued, and then the owner -- or possibly a member of the owner's family -- shot Stafford.

    Since then, Gizmo had been cared for by a friend, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    But last Friday afternoon, that caretaker was standing on Haight when a fight broke out. It's unclear how it began, but reports suggest that Gizmo's caretaker was involved. During the melee, Gizmo was released, ran away, and found his way into the street.

    A passing motorist ran him over and killed him. The brawlers were arrested, but there are no reports of penalties for the killer.

    That was just one of the recent bloody incidents on Bay Area streets. This morning, a truck jackknifed on the Dumbarton Bridge, causing a car to burst into flames. The day before, a crash in Pescadero left one dead and five injured. And a hit-and-run in Redwood City sent cars spinning.