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Mutiny Radio Launches

Pirate Cat Radio relaunches with new name.



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    Mutiny Radio launches from the ashes of Pirate Cat Radio.

    After Pirate Cat Radio temporarily closed down a few months ago, they are back on the air today with a new name -- Mutiny Radio.

    Radio Survivor reports, with the new name, the station hopes to reference their pirate past, but also suggest that they are moving on to a new chapter of history.

    Mutiny Radio's website says,

    "Streaming live from San Francisco’s Mutiny Radio Café, Mutiny Radio features the  same eclectic mix of live music, interviews, DJ performances, news, and  comedy the members of the PCR Collective have been producing for the  past 6 years.”

    You can tune in here, and become a fan on their Facebook page here.