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Oakland Fishing for Zynga, Yelp



    Oakland Fishing for Zynga, Yelp
    Joi Ito
    Zynga CEO Mark Pincus' phone may be ringing with calls from Oakland Mayor Jean Quan.

    The Bay Area's most prominent freshman mayors are making tech a central part of their legacy.

    While San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is busy securing Twitter's signature on a lease deal in the mid Market area, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan took a trip across the bay to try and recruit some of the City's hottest tech companies.

    Matier and Ross report that Quan met with CEOs and representatives from Yelp, Zynga, OpenTable, Eventbrite and Trulia.

    The mayor went with a message of how doing business in Oakland is better for each CEOs' business.

    Quan was asked about the quality of the workforce in Oakland and how safe the city is.

    San Francisco's representatives were less than thrilled about the meeting telling the Chronicle news of the meeting was disappointing and the City does not "try to steal from our neighbors."

    Quan's move could ramp the pressure on the City to offer Twitter-style tax breaks for tech companies doing business in San Francisco.

    Zynga's CEO has already reportedly threatened a move if his company does not get what Twitter is getting.

    San Francisco is reportedly studying a payroll tax break for all.