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Oakland to Get 4 New Medical Marijuana Clubs

New pot clubs for Oakland.



    Oakland to Get 4 New Medical Marijuana Clubs
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    Oakland approved four applications for four new medical marijuana dispensaries.

    Medical marijuana is back on the rise in Oakland, which just granted permits for four new medical cannabis dispensaries, according to reports.

    Oakland currently has four medical marijuana dispensaries, but recently allowed groups to apply for four more permits. Groups named Oakland Community Collective, Tidewater Patients Group, G8 Medical Alliance, Inc. and Agramed won permits out of 12 total applicants, according to the San Francisco Business Times.

    The Oakland Community Collective has a space at 2101 Broadway for its future dispensary, while the other three are still looking, the newspaper reported.

    A fifth dispensary, Magnolia Wellness, Inc., will receive a permit if one of the other four can't meet requirements, according to the newspaper.

    The city's dispensaries generate $1.68 million in sales taxes every year, the newspaper reported.

    In granting the applications, the city judged if the potential dispensaries had a "viable business plan, security plan, fire safety plan, product safety policies, enough capital to start the business, would provide community benefits, had knowledge of laws governing medical cannabis and good labor practices," according to the newspaper.