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Occupy Impacting Oakland Crime: Police Chief

City officials blame the protests for preventing police force from responding to other crime.



    These are tough times for the Oakland Police Department. There is the threat of a government takeover. This while the fight with 'Occupy' protesters continues. On the sidelines are the residents who say something has got to change. NBC Bay Area's Jodi Hernandez takes a look at a complex issue in the East Bay. (Published Monday, Jan. 30, 2012)

    There were five homicides reported in Oakland over the weekend and the city in part is blaming the occupy protests for preventing the police department from preventing crime.

    While the city is not blaming the protest for the loss of life, some officials are saying the movement is inhibiting Oakland's ability to fight and respond to crime.

    The Oakland Police Department arrested 400 demonstrators over the weekend when the Occupy Oakland movement and officers clashed at city hall, the downtown YMCA building and at the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center.

    Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan told the Los Angeles Times that his "personnel and resources dedicated to Occupy reduce our ability to focus on public safety priorities."

    Jordan said the department received 1,176 calls for service during the response to the Occupy protests, including 482 calls to 911.

    But it was unclear exactly how many calls were responded to late over the weekend because of the clashes with the occupy movement.

    Officials said they would seek compensation from the protesters for the damage they caused during the dust up over the weekend.